English Theater

Hello we are Luise Eichhorn, Chiara Lamm, Johanna Rauch, Isabell Leutbecher and Lilly Schrödl from the students´newspaper Zünder. Can we make a interview with you?

Englisches Theater


Okay, can you introduce yourself? 

Hello my name is Olivia Spencer.

Hello I am Ella Bless.

My name is Griffith Evans.

And I am Benjamin Darlington.

How long do you play theater?

I play theater since I am about five years old. But professional theater only since this year because I have just graduated at the school of drama.

With me it is so similar to Olivia. I have been very young and I have been playing the theater for 2 years. I believe Benjamin plays the longest, about 5 years professionally. Or?

Yes, that´s right.

Why is the theater called White horse?

The white horse is the symbol of Tunbridge Wells, the place in England from which our director comes. It is also the symbol of Soest, the place in Germany from which the drama group originates. It thus connects Germany and England.

Do you have a family?

We have no children and are not married.

I have a two sisters and father and mother.

I have a sister.

I have a brother and a sister.

I have a brother.

Are you friends in real life?

No, we hate each other. Yes we are.

We work together and do things together.

But we did not know each other before.

Can you speak German?

Ein bisschen. Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut.

Ella and I had German at school, but we want to improve our German while we are here.

My mother is German teacher.

What is the best thing about acting?

To tell the stories and to be able to represent different persons.

I think the best thing about it is that I do not have to work in an office behind a computer.

I love theater because it teaches something to others through conversation.

I love it because I like to sing different texts and I believe that theater has the power to influence things and change society.

Do you like to play in a theater group?

Of course, it's great to perform as a group. Without the others, you're another actor. Therefore, it is incredibly important.

It gives us the opportunity to play as if we were children again. We work with very demanding pieces, but it is great.

What is the difficulty with acting?

The preparation is difficult because you would forget your text, but it's also the best part of it because the whole process is just great. Analyze the text and research the characters.

I think it is difficult to learn the text and sometimes it is difficult to think of something new for a well-known piece.

I think it is difficulty to play a piece over and over again, every day for 9 months, that is difficult. After 6 months you think: "Oh, I have to repeat the same text again." For me, the most difficult thing is to stand on the stage with someone who does not react. If you give them something, they block. This can be very difficult. Thanks and have fun with the actors.

By Lilly Schrödl